Friday, 4 April 2014

Dropzone commander Starter set armies.

This box has been sat in a cupboard for ages, so decided to paint them last night, whilst watching some Youtube vids on Playing Malifaux. Was originally going to get get Mark at Lemon Painting to do them for me, but I really need a break from 40K/30k stuff I think. and increase my painting skills further, hence why I have made a big leap into the steam punk horror world of Malifaux better miniatures more details. So need to get new techniques on the go.

So I got these done last night as I'm really wanting to get playing with this game as it plays really nice. I love all the scourge models so may expand on this army. Problem I have is pulling my friends heads out of their asses and get them to try something a bit different from the world of 40K. I managed to start a small X-Wing craze off, just need people to expand a bit further now. Especially with the likes of deadzone, Mars attacks, dreadball extreme, AVP. Malifaux etc etc etc. Just for my friends reading this. a "Army" in Malifaux, or Crew as they are known will set you back around £35 for a 50 soul stone list. be lucky to get a troop choice and an HQ in 40k for that :P