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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

GW in finacial trouble. PAHAHA

GW in financial trouble. PAHAHA

So this has been cropping up a lot in recent months on many war gaming forums over the internet. People are claiming that GW are in financial trouble. And that the company could go down the pan very soon.

Is there any truth in this at all? No of course not, the only proof most of these people come up with is not actually proof at all, just spouting off things they don't like about GW, and making out like these are reasons they are getting into trouble.

So let's start with one of the big things. Specialist gaming is being dropped. As apparently they cant afford to keep it running. For one thing let's rephrase "specialist games" as to be honest all that means is "games only neck beard, Linux penguin T-shirt wearing, Basement dwellers play". And its true. Wile Necromunda was actually an OK game for its time. It got boring very quickly as did Blood Bowl and Battlefleet Gothic. And there is also no money to be made from these games. Most people buy one Necromunda gang, one Blood Bowl team, And one fleet. There is no repeat purchase options with these games. And all they are doing is taking up storage space that could be used for all the new army models that are being released in quick succession. And to top it off nobody buys them from GW as they just hit the Bay of E, and pick up a used fleet or team to play with.
Nobody said they where going broke when they dropped Dark Future or Gorka' Morka'.

And then we have the whole argument about 1 man operated GW stores. In this day and age, most people are more content to order online. So Games workshops don't need to have 5 guys working a store all day. Because for the most part the only customer base these stores do get is the random walk in. Back in the day the stores where the only place to get your items from. E-commerce didn't exist for the hobby, And everyone went to the stores to buy there models and play some games. Now the stores are only really there for a High street flag. Why should GW have to pay out money to over staff shops. when E-commerce will probably make up the largest percentage of there sales. They are running a Business after all. And to be quite honest with you. Most GW stores are run by elitist dweebs, So I have no intention to go into there stores anyway.

 I recently went to the GW Mecca in the UK the HQ at Nottingham. It is basically a Museum for GW, with the option to higher a A battlefield for the day. And these are not just run of the mill scenery. these are the Battle fields we drool over in White dwarf. There is a Pub/Restaurant that has gorgeous food, and ridiculously low prices. And a huge GW store that isn't actually run by elitist dweebs, the guys will happily jump on a table with you and have a game if you are there on your own. hell they will even let you riffle through the ton of forge world goodies behind the counter if you are thinking of buying some. I walked out of there with a Great Brass Scorpion, If that is a sign of a company struggling with finances. Then I hope I start to struggle soon. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Wargamers Consortium: GW... Not for the Greater Good

A very in depth view of GW from the WC. I haven't actually been hurt by the shortages, only having to wait for a week for the my Riptide. But it seems as though if you are not in the UK you are having to wait a long time for anything GW. I personally think this is because GW are being to slap dash with the releases of new Codex's and models. And cannot full fill the large request for them. Eldar is next out on the release schedule so lets see just how bad they full fill orders with the new Eldar.

Check out the link, and have a read. its a very good post.

The Wargamers Consortium: GW... Not for the Greater Good: