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Monday, 10 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics: Issue #8

White Swarf Issue 8 stays the same bi-monthly release for WD, The cover is by Derek Hayes

  Mervyn Lemon presents a two-page article on scratch-building your own figures in Monster Modelling, Fun to read, but not something you’re likely to want to do now

 The first part of the Valley of the Four Winds by Rowland Flynn is a typical fantasy quest where the good guys must gather advice, allies and magic items before a final battle against evil. A brass wind god torments the city of Farrondil, extorting the kingdom unless Hero and his brave band can stop it, and the rise of evil creatures from the east.

The Fiend Factory features a number of silly creatures, plus some of the best that turned up in the Fiend Folio. The Tween, Carbuncle and Coffer Corpse are the creatures that made the cut.

  The cartoon Kalgar is down to a half-page this month, written and drawn by David Lloyd.

And I have also included the Games Workshop price list. As Now we have the original Space Marines: SF Land warfare Rulebook listed. It is safe to say that eventually this will become the Rogue Trader Rules. And then the Warhammer 40k we know today.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

White dwarf Classics Issue #7

A complete change for White dwarf now. The front cover in now is full color, and is also 4 pages longer. granted these are just Advertising pages but it is easy to see that the Mag is starting to grow. A couple of features in this mag I am posting. More from the fiend Factory. And a new level for the Greenlands Dungeon. Plus a comic strip :)

So first up is a huge update to the Fiend Factory.  there a plenty of new but familiar creatures to be found here.  We have the Necrophidius, the Rover, a Living Wall, Volt, the Gluey, Squonk, Eye Killer, Witherweed, and the Withra.  All are complete with Monstermark ratings as well.  

Then we have a new level for the Greenlands Dungeon named Lair of the Demon Queen. Which is a just a quick encounter with a couple rooms.  Perfect to add into a game.

And then we have our Comic Strip.

 All in all White dwarf, as we can see is on the up and up. Still brilliant hand drawn artwork. and great written articles and information.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics issue #6

AHHHH havent updated the White Dwarf Classics for DAYYYYYS. 

Ok so White Dwarf Issue 6.

So we at one year of WD and we see some changes.  The first, most notable change is the right justification of the the text.  I does make the magazine a bit easier to read and looks cleaner.  The second is the introduction of a new feature called The Fiend Factory.  Something that in time will be a major feature of WD and spawn the AD&D Fiend Folio.

A new feature of WD is Fiend Factory. The monsters presented here are from various authors but edited by Don Turnbull.  The format is near-AD&D/Basic D&D.  Each includes a picture and a Monster mark rating right there with all the other stats. In this issue, The Needleman, The Throat Leech, The Mite, Bonesnapper, The Fiend, Disenchanter, and The Nilbog.  The article is longer than most WD articles have been to date, this is a significant jump in the evolution of WD.

Also we have a Kalgar Comic strip added in. there has been a few of these. But they start to get rare from now on.


This is also the Last ever two color White Dwarf. From Issue 7 onwards, The Cover Art work Is full color artwork. Much better from today's Lazy Photo covers.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics: Issue #5

Ok time for Issue 5, After reading through this White Dwarf, I was looking for an interesting article to go with for today's feature. There were a few that i could choose from like Games Day III, but none interested me more than the Editorial that I just happened to read last. We all know what is going on with Games Workshop and Copywrite proceedings, with Chapter House Studios. 
But it wasn't until I read Issue 5's editorial that this really sunk in. So all I'm going to post today is the cover and editorial page. As nothing else in the mag really has any significance.

 "nobody will gain from this strict enforcement of copyright laws, but the SF/F hobbyist will definitely lose. Let's hope that such problems can be resolved so that in future the wargames table will welcome the presence of Darth Vader with a light sabre, rather than a lawsuit, in his hands."

Monday, 3 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics: Issue #4

Our next White dwarf is from December 1977, The cover was drawn by Games Workshop artist John Blanche.

The main feature is written by Don Turnbull, It depict the rules For an Alice level based  within the Greenlands  Dungeon. Is is based on the Through the Looking Glass, One part of Alice that most re-writes tend to skip. Instead of writing new Comabt rules for the players in this level, He has simply written rules for traps that represent cirtain things within the story.

He mentions that not many People actualy got into the level Simply because No one figured out the writing above the door, DNALREDNOW. 

We then have a feature from Tony Bath, who talks about R E Howard’s Conan setting.

The normal features ar continue from the previous 3 White Dwarfs including more D&D tactics. And more written about the Competative D&D rules.

I also Included a Games Workshop price list from this issue, Where we can see what was being sold by GW at the time of writing.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

White Dwarf classics #3

So the third day and the third White Dwarf classic. The cover is by Alan Hunter, showing a warrior and a woman (or no particular function) facing a werewolf just in the process of changing. The inclusion of squares on the floor perhaps shows the D&D connection, as does the intriguing locked chest between the protagonists and antagonist.

So in episode three there is a lot of information on mapping your own dungeons for use in D&D. As well as continuing articles on advanced D&D, and monster rules.

The most interesting article gets closer to what our white dwarfs of today focus on. Miniatures and painting.  Eddie Jones talks about how in the past with the lack of detail on miniatures a simple glob of pink was fine for faces. But with the ever increasing detail of there 25mm models, the need for more advanced painting is in order.  Eddie Jones explains about the use of brushes different paints and bringing skills from much larger models down to the 25mm scale in order to get the best from the increasing detail of miniatures. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

White Dwarf classic #2

So as promised I am posting White Dwarf #2, in this copy of WD, it displays an on depth look at competitive D&D scoring. An un-boxing of sorts be it only written. And a review of the Green Planet Trilogy.

I'm not going to mention much about the Green Planet Trilogy, as today's feature is a review of its own. So all my work is done for me by the original writers of White Dwarf. It will be interesting to here if anybody actually did own or play any of the Green Planet trilogy. Leave a comment below.

Friday, 31 May 2013

White Dwarf Classics #1

Well after a recent trip to an auction house I suddenly got a bug. This bug involved tracking down as many white dwarfs from the ages as I possibly could. Why? Well why not? It is good to get down to the history of our hobby and and see what it has evolved from. So I took the white dwarfs and got scanning. I have cleaned up some of the poor quality pages, and have at the moment white dwarf, 1-146, all scanned in and on my fruit based product so I can read them with out damaging. Also makes it easier to upload pics to the blog as well.

So where better place to start White Dwarf #1

So there we go issue number 1, 36 years old this month. Now cover art?  This is very interesting. Because I have all the covers lined up in iBooks, its great to see how the art on the covers have developed over the years. AND so will you, because I'm making this a new feature. A white dwarf cover and feature every day. 
If you are reading this and remember a great feature you want shown for tomorrow Issue 2. Then get commenting at the bottom.

Ok so the feature i have chosen from Issue 1 is  Metamorphasis Alpha. Its a D&D based game set in the 23rd Century on board a lost Star Ship, Starship Warden.
Star Ship Warden was created to overcome the over population on Old Terra (Yup Terra). The Ship flew through a large radiated cloud in  space, (oh i see where they are going with this) on its voyage to inhabitable worlds across space, and most of the inhabitants and live stock died. those who did survive are now occupied with day to day survival. Strange mutation have occurred to both the livestock and humans on board. Animals are gaining intelligence and hunting as man. posing more danger to the non mutated humans aboard. A classic Survival Horror.

Remember to Click on the pictures to bring up the larger version for reading.

Hope you enjoy this feature And remember to Comment your best Old School features that you would like to see here.