Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gosprt Wargaming Club. Summer Painting Compatition.

Doing a quick post here to show case my Gaming clubs Painting competition. unfortunate I was unable to enter anything this year due to Having to work on the Saturday. Actually annoyed me A lot being as I have had a good year of turning out painted mini's.

But here are some of the great painting that was entered.

John Wilcocks Absolutely Stunning DA flyer. To see this thing Up close is something else.

Paddy O'Gormans Hellbrute

John Wilcocks LOTR set. How he did it I dont know but even the Hobbits have eye details.

John Willcocks Nurgle Daemon Prince

Just to make us all feel bad about our painting. This screaming Bell was Painted by a 13 year old. Could be seeing a future Golden Daemon winner here.

Blood letters Painted by Mark Stancliffe

Monday, 1 July 2013

Council of War

Council of War gives you a chance to join together with a team of allies and fight it out over a day or a whole weekend, combining your efforts in battle. Fighting as a team of four, you will play one-on-one games and round things off (at two-day events) with a gigantic game of epic proportions, where the four of you come together to do battle with an opposing team on a huge table. Whatever you like about the Games Workshop hobby, be it gaming, collecting, painting or simply socializing, you'll find plenty of inspiration here at our unique, purpose built, Empire Castle-themed facility.
Perfect for friends, family and gaming club-mates, this is your chance to prove the reputation of your team! If you're looking for a great gaming experience fighting alongside your friends, look no further than a Council of War.

Venue: Warhammer World, Nottingham

Age Limit: 12 years and upwards (12-15 must have a responsible adult available in the event of an emergency)

Tickets, when available: From here.

EventDateTickets on sale
Warhammer Council of War27th & 28th July10/04/2013
Warhammer 40,000 Council of War26th & 27th October02/07/2013

For Council of War, you will need to get together with three other folks to form a team of four players. You'll each need a fully painted and based army, selected using the guidelines in the Event Pack below. Don't forget to also bring your gaming materials such as dice, tape measure, books and any templates you will be using!
One ticket covers entry for all four players of a team, and includes entry to the event, as well as food (one meal for a one day event, three meals over a two day event), and entrance to the Bugman's pub quiz, held on the Saturday night of any two-day events.

Event pack:
Council of War Rules Pack (WFB&40k).pdf (0.71 MB)