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Friday, 8 November 2013

World Eaters Terminators: Special weapons.

Pulled my finger out and finished the first 5 terminators for my world eaters, I did the specialist weapons first comprising as you will see of mostly flamer based weapons, Heavy flamer, and Combi bolters/flamers. Also an Auto cannon and Plasma gun. 

My terminators will mostly be comprised of Flamer based Weapons, as this will make them not only great Assault troops, but be able to put out walls of death against any units that are stupid enough to charge a World Eater. I have 15 left to do now, 10 of them need minor sorting out after a really bad Undercoating, consisting of still after 3 washes, the paint still did not stick and the undercoat just flaked off. With the 5 I have pictured now, I actually sprayed purity seal on the bare resin first, and then used undercoat. The clear coat has a slight Etching effect to it, so it bites into paint and protects it, This works to the advantage of biting into the resin and providing a nice Matt coat on what you can then undercoat onto.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

World Eaters Work Log: No 1 "the catch up"

So I have been proper rubbish, rubbish in the sense that for a couple of months I have had an absolute hall of Forge World Resin, in the guise of Pre Heresy World Eaters. Quite laterally the entire army is resin, All be it for one drop pod, That as of Games day, I have thrown to the side, and am now waiting for the Dread Claw Drop Pod to act as my army's Deep Striking assault crafts. So I guess I should start with exactly what I have purchased over the last few months.

So here goes.

2X 30 man MKIII Iron armour sets including weapons and command upgrades.
1X 30 man MKIV Legion armour set including weapons and command upgrades.
1 X 20 man Tartarus pattern Terminators set, with special weapon set, storm bolters, and power Axe's
2 X Fellblade super heavy Tanks.
1 X Legion Glaive super heavy Tank.
2 X Spartan Assault Tanks.
2 X Land Raider Proteus
6 X MKI Demios Pattern Rhinos
2 X Cestus Assualt rams
1 X Scicaran Battle Tank
1 X Warhound Mars Pattern Titan, (to replace the second hand one i brought, and just don't have the time to fix it up)

Yes I know............... a lot of resin

So where did I start, Well i hate painting space marines with a passion, so I forced my self to start on the bulk of the troops. after doing the first two sets of 5 marines, i had the technique to get them done fast, but without dropping to much quality from the paint Job. I can probably now do 5 marines in 4 hours. so not that long at all. so I did 40 to start with, enough to play most games, well more than enough, but there are 20 more of the MKIII armour left to do, and the MKIV's are being used for a second project that will explain in a bit.

Next on the update can only be described as a Beast. The Fellblade. The tank is Huge, to my knowledge its the biggest Tank that you can get. It even dwarfs the Shadow Sword  in the size compartment. And when your rubbling through the volcanic Ash on Istvaan III, size matters.

Here's a size comparison with a Demios Pattern Rhino.

I went for it with the first of the Fellblades, I think it took me 3 or 4 day on and off to get it done. Lots of masking up, lots of weathering, and in total 6 different layers of clear coat.

 The Rust effect, I created using a Mixture of Orange Rust from the Forge World weathering Powder set and Burnt Umber and Light red from the Vallejo Model Air set. The effect is Gained from sponging on White over the blue to give the worn off paint effect, then I use the rust mixture, and combine both brush and sponge, sponging to give feathered edges and larger flat areas, and the Brush to achieve hard edges over detailed areas. After that I hit those areas with Bolt gun metal again using both sponge and brush. I think the effect can out OK, i could of made it more realistic by using the dremel to create small holes in those areas that have rusted through, But in the 41st Millennium, Ceremite plating probably doesn't even rust, but it gave it that " I have actually been to war" look. 

After I did the rust effect I hit it with a mix of Agrax  Earth shade, and Nuln Oil 75% Agrax 25% Nuln. And covered the Tank on it completely, And then taking off the excess with Que Tips. This weathered the white and toned it down a lot, and also blended in the "rust" with the paint work on the tank. 

Since that first lot of Pictures where taken I have given the tank 2 more coats of Clear varnish, Before hitting it with Black Soot Weathering Powder, again from the Forge World set. Black soot is basically the closest thing I could get the the grayish black sands of the Istvaan system planets. That are covered in dark volcanic ash from Melania of volcanic activity, And you can take that as fact as I got it From Ben Counter, after moaning to him about a lack of description, I mean how is one supposed to base there models without this info eh?

Below is the weathers Track, its got a heavy dusting of Black Soot, and them clear coated, The pics below that are of the sides and the mud and ash sticking to the lower sections of the tanks hull.

Next Up a few WIP. First of all the Awesome looking tank, the Sicaran. Will be ordering a few of these. The tank was very simple to build and had no issues hardly needed any cleaning up either, the joys of buying a model that hasn't had many cast yet.

Also on the Tank theme is one of the Land Raider Armoured Proteus tanks. All i have done so far is Pin it all together and undercoated it. then i will be taking it apart again to paint. as there are some parts that are un reachable via air brush or paint brush.

And then we get to my special weapon Termies. Only 5 Special weapon termies,  And will be distributed probably among two groups of 10. This is where the Cestus Assault rams come into play, there is nothing more World Eaterish than ramming tons of Ceramite craft into the side of something and pouring a loud of White and Blue termies with daddy issues in.

And that About wraps it up for my world Eaters thus far. I will start doing regular updates on them If and when I actually do some more painting. I have decided to hang up the air brush for a little wile and get back to enjoying the game, as well as the many other non GW games I have been buying up lately. Mars Attacks anyone? :P