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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Dread Ball: The Upper City Slickers

Yes, I know I did not do a review of Dreadball Ultimate. BUT to be fair I could not wait to play it. As soon as it turned up I glued the teams together and roped my other half into playing it with me. (She is a mean ork) After half my team being killed by my darling Girl Friends Orks, I was hooked, and went straight for the air brush to paint up my first team.

The 'UPPER CITY SLICKERS' yeah i always did suck at teams names.

I also went slightly out of my comfort Zone, and decided to paint of Digital numbers instead of paying the £1.99 for the transfers, that's like 2 forge world shoulder pads i could buy with the saving.

Not to bad for my first touch of free hand, I'm at that point now where I even use my airbrush to lip the shoulder pads with gold now. so using a brush is a new thing for me. Any way they cam out looking pretty cool.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Revisiting Dark Eldar #3

Finished my first squad of DE Warriors tonight. I'm not as happy as I was with the scourges. But I think this is just the fact the the scourges are such a stunning model.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Revisiting Dark Eldar #2

I fished out an old Venom That I had from my previous DE army. And got to stripping paint off of it. I am loving the Purple look of the Scourges I painted previously, So it made sense to continue this, As I have found a new love for my DE.

I did a basic Air brush job with a Purple that was mixed out of Vallejo Model air White. And Naggaroth Night citadel Paint. After painting the entire model Purple I decided that a section of the plating should be Black to break up the color. I liked how this turned out so any future Vehicles and fliers will have the same sort of appearance as the Venom, Especially the Razor wing Jet fighters. 

I then added a few glyphs using a Letraset 0.1 fine line drawing pen. These came out better this way that if i had tried to do it by hand. It may have looked better if I had a used some Decals. But being as all i could fined where Chaos and Tau. this had to do.

I decided on a small amount of weathering. Using a Ripped off piece of sponge and some Bolt gun metal I lightly dabbed areas, and streaked lines across the sides to give the appearance of scratches down the side, as if the venom had been used to ram into the side of a tank so the occupants (normally Incubi) could leap onto the tank and assault it. They are space pirates after all "GARRRR"

I don't think it turned out too bad at all, considering how it looked before. Just black undercoat with some wobbly bright green lines down the panel joins. 

Doing this has also made me realize, The more you try to copy GW pictures the worse your painting becomes. Trying to copy a style that was done by professionals who have been doing it for years is never going to produce good jobs, so its better to just do your own thing. As then there is nothing to compare it against and you don't feel disappointed with your self.

Anyway. PICS!!!!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Revisiting Dark Eldar

Ok so i did collect Dark Eldar, But I hated the painting on them. It was very slap dash, and was also the first fully painted army i finished. I just never liked the look of them my painting was not very good at all. I ended up Selling everything on Ebay or so i thought. And that actually funded most of my Tau army. 

However I found a Box Of unmade UN-painted Scourges. So I decided to Have a go at painting them, And see if my painting had improved.

Well I have just finished them tonight, Took me most of last night and some of this evening to get them to a standard that I am happy with. 

I am actually pretty happy with how they came out. And I am loving the purple. So I will probably pick up a box of warriors tomorrow, And see how they turn out.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Tau

Ok so I thought i better upload some pics of my tau models, that I have been working on. Every aspect of them was Airbrushed. And because I didn't have to pick up a paint brush I actually got on with them and got them painted. 2 weeks in total.

The army consists of (ATM)

1X Commander
6X Crisis Suits
1X Riptide (El Cataclysmo)  
24X Fire Warriors
1X Hammerhead
1X Cadre Firblade
10X Pathfinders
22X drones of defferent types
Once buffed up this gives me a fully loaded 1850pt Army


Actualy got to use them in anger the other day. And completely wiped out a 1850pt dark angels deathwing company, So much so that my friend conceded when it hit my shooting phase on Turn 3. And that's now a problem as he will never want to play me again with my Tau. So how am I to practice tactics and formations and different lists if i cannot use them. Child B is still too young to get used to all the rules Iwill need to use in order to practice properly. And If i asked "her in doors" I would probably get her size 6 Iron fist shoes thrown at me.

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Forces of Chaos

 Well I have finally finished my Brass scorpion. Its only taken me 2 months But i finally got on with.

Have to say I actually wasn't very impressed with the overall quality of the mold lines. i think I got a Friday afternoon job. As I had to do tons of sanding and filling on the Armour plates to get the edges smooth enough for painting.

Any way a few pics.

Now dont get me wrong I am in no way a great painter, half the time i have to force my self too paint. But i dont think this came out all that bad.

Also I have finished my Plague marines.

So what is next, well I cant honestly tell you. I am planning a trip to Nottingham GW HQ again soon. and I'm coming up with a forge world shopping list.

The problem I'm having now is. apart from Eldar, there is no other armies i want to go for. I could switch and get some Warhammer fantasy. but they just seem too repetitive to enjoy making the models or painting them.

So I'm guessing forge world is the only way forward. the problem is the price. a Unit of 30 pre heresy space marines will set you back £160. that's £100 more than the equivalent in GW. granted the quality is amazing. and i do really want them. but lets be honest here. that's just for troops. I then need a Primarch "Angron" obviously. And the tanks are well over the £150 mark for 1.

But this would not be a problem if it wasn't for the fact I also want to grab a Chaos Renegade army. to boost my Chaos Force into Apocalypse points value. 

So what is one to do. I think I'm going to go with a £1000 in my pocket and get what ever i can for that money. Probably leaning more towards the renegades as i will get to use them more often and be able to use them as imperial guard in normal 40k battles. Stay tuned though.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Warhammer World Nottingham

Me and a friend of mine decided to do a road trip to the Games workshop HQ in Nottingham. I had emailed a few days before and arranged to have gaming table waiting for us. We had a three and a half hour drive to Nottingham, But it went really fast actually. And we where being proper geeks all the way there. Started off with the Transformers Animated feature movie from the 80's sound track. And just as we arrived at Nottingham somehow we had the Game of thrones soundtrack playing, Turned out to be rather fitting for the situation being as it was hammering it down with Snow.

We arrived at games workshop HQ, only to be greeted by a 15ft tall Space marine statue, and all the building around all bared the imperial Aquila.

As we rolled into the car park, we where met by an awesome site, a replica of a Ultramarines Rhino.

We took a walk around the hall of miniatures, Now at this point i kinda got a bit meh with it. when I was younger around 13 ish. You went on a Huge tour. And they had the massive Siege at the Emperors palace with the Gigantic Imperial class titans fighting each other. they also had an entire Ultramarine Chapter displayed. and many many more awesome large displays. Now they have a small room with lots of glass cabinets. its still lovely to walk around, But its nothing like it used to be.

Here are some shots from the hall of minatures

People who are in there late 20's and older will recognize this model from a white dwarf . 

After a tour around we visited Bugmans bar. This is a bar/restaurant that is modeled to look like and old dwarf tavern. The food was so cheap here, and gorgeous to boot. This may be because I'm a southerner, and i get stitched up on things like food prices. but very impressed. 

We had are coffee and breakfast and moved onto the huge GW shop that is adjoined to the massive gaming hall that looks like an empire castle. we had a great chat with the guys who worked there and i could not decide if i wanted the Realm of battle board or the brass scorpion. Logic would of been go for the battleboard as it will get used all the time. but i still ended up ordering the brass scorpion. We sat down to are stunning Battlefield, the ones we drool over in white dwarf. that had been reserved for us. 

now let me talk about this for a moment. go to GW website, hit warhammer world tab. and look at all the battlefields. then choose a few you like. and post them in the order that you would most like to play on till least like to play on. the guys will then reserve the table for you. ALL DAY. and when i say all day. the place is open from 10am to 10pm. 12 hours you have the battle fields for. and did i mention this service is FREE. yes play on the iconic battle fields you see in white dwarf battle reps and displays for 12 hours for FREE.

Anyway, two hours into our battle and one of the guys from the shop walks over and hands me and my friend our forge world purchases. 2 hours after ordering they are there for you. what an awesome service. I even tried my luck and asked if i could get a Tau Manta (ya know that huge 4ft wingspan Tau manta that costs £900) and yes two hours for that as well.

After our battle in which my Night lords lost to those damn Grey knights, We went for a spot of dinner in Bugmans bar. before setting in for a long drive back. All in all an awesome day. If you haven't been why the hell not.