Friday, 31 May 2013

Is Kickstarter being abused

I wanted to talk about kick starter, the site works absolute wonders to get people going into a business with a product to sell. The kick starter can fund all sorts of things from inventions to films. It's like Dragons Den, only the people on the World Wide Web are the Dragons. A lot of success has been made from kick starters. But I am having trouble figuring out why some company's are going back to it time and time again.

Company's like Mantic games who have already put 4 projects into Kickstarter and have drawn a total of $1,976,527, so far. Are they being greedy? Using Kickstarter to fund a project they could of easily funded them self's with the profits from the games they have already had Kickstarted. Now I have nothing against Mantic Games and I'm still debating about buying Dreadball or not. But are company's like this taking away from other people that really do need a Kickstarter, rather than an already established company that sells there products world wide. 

Today I saw a set of videos depicting the "tropes" towards women in computer games. Nothing wrong with what she is doing the YouTube videos are well made and informative if you buy into the feminist view of the videos. And wile very well done and edited they are at the end of the day just YouTube videos. I then found out that she got a kick starter for the videos. A kick starter for what is nothing more than a Vlog. She originally wanted $6000. And has some how managed to rake in $158,922................. for a YouTube video............ (So stay tuned for my YouTube Vlog about the constant brutal murders of male AI characters in video games)

Now what made this even more of a "how the hell moment", was the fact that Jason Mews, has been touring the US showing the new Jay and Silent Bob: Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Now Jason and his wife Jordan, paid cartoonists, voice actors, advertising costs, editors, studio time, cinema time. Everything you would expect from a feature film. For £69000 less than half of what some one got to make a YouTube Vlog, on the same note as this, It cost Kevin Smith a mere £27,575 to make Clerks, one of if not the best theatrical comedy's. 

Is it going to get to the point where EA games are going to ask for kick starters every year for the same old Fifa or NFS game? 

We will have North Korea asking for a Kickstarter to increase the range of there missiles, the more you pledge the the further away they will target them from you.

In my honest opinion Kickstarter has a Pool of money. And people and company's a like are exploiting this pool of money so they have more in there back pocket. I keep a Kickstarter advertised here on the blog, but I will never advertise one for a company that is making multiple kick starters in order to line there pockets more and more, when they already have an established business that is successful. 
If it continues the way it is going, then I fear eventually the pool will dry up. 

Grumpy Old Wargamers Convention - 8th & 9th June 2013

As Grumpy Wargamer I feel I must try my hardest to get to this event, being as they where so kind to name it after me. (this could be a fabrication on my part. But Thanks again to TheJoeyBerry for informing me about the event)
And you guys should too. More info at the Jump

In Attendance

Joey Berry

Nick from Worthy Painting

The Great JoJo Man

Hazard Syndrome

Vulkans Champion

Warp Art Studios

Black Sun Art Studios

Beast of War

Mutant Chronicles RpG

Mutant Chronicles War Zone


Forgeworld: Legion Praetors and Luna wolfs

The legion Preators are now available on forge world. The Models Look Stunning and is a definite buy for me.

"Praetors are the mightiest warriors and battle-leaders of the Legiones Astartes, second only to the godlike Primarchs in their martial skill and generalship. Each is a vastly experienced warrior and warlord, unique in character, who has writ a legend for themselves in blood and slaughter.

These lords of the Imperium possess a panoply of the finest weapons and armour known to humanity and hold the power of life and death over worlds, with direct control over entire war fleets and great armies. In their ranks can be found Chapter Masters and Lord Commanders, Khans, Tribunes and First Captains as the traditions of the Legions dictate; regardless of title each is a master of war, and each has conquered worlds unnumbered in the glory of the Great Crusade.

The Legion Praetors set contains two incredibly detailed multi-part resin models, designed by Edgar Skomorowski. One Praetor is clad in artificer-modified Cataphractii armour, armed with an ornate paragon blade power sword and a Volkite Charger, while the other wears ornate artificer-modified MkIII ‘Iron’ armour and carries a fantastically-detailed archaeotech pistol, as well as a mighty paragon blade power sword. These two characters are fully compatible with Forge World’s Terminator and MkIV weapon sets, allowing for a great variety of wargear options."

From Forge World

Also available soon are the New Lunar wolfs etched brass and Transfer Sheets.


White Dwarf Classics #1

Well after a recent trip to an auction house I suddenly got a bug. This bug involved tracking down as many white dwarfs from the ages as I possibly could. Why? Well why not? It is good to get down to the history of our hobby and and see what it has evolved from. So I took the white dwarfs and got scanning. I have cleaned up some of the poor quality pages, and have at the moment white dwarf, 1-146, all scanned in and on my fruit based product so I can read them with out damaging. Also makes it easier to upload pics to the blog as well.

So where better place to start White Dwarf #1

So there we go issue number 1, 36 years old this month. Now cover art?  This is very interesting. Because I have all the covers lined up in iBooks, its great to see how the art on the covers have developed over the years. AND so will you, because I'm making this a new feature. A white dwarf cover and feature every day. 
If you are reading this and remember a great feature you want shown for tomorrow Issue 2. Then get commenting at the bottom.

Ok so the feature i have chosen from Issue 1 is  Metamorphasis Alpha. Its a D&D based game set in the 23rd Century on board a lost Star Ship, Starship Warden.
Star Ship Warden was created to overcome the over population on Old Terra (Yup Terra). The Ship flew through a large radiated cloud in  space, (oh i see where they are going with this) on its voyage to inhabitable worlds across space, and most of the inhabitants and live stock died. those who did survive are now occupied with day to day survival. Strange mutation have occurred to both the livestock and humans on board. Animals are gaining intelligence and hunting as man. posing more danger to the non mutated humans aboard. A classic Survival Horror.

Remember to Click on the pictures to bring up the larger version for reading.

Hope you enjoy this feature And remember to Comment your best Old School features that you would like to see here.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Worthy Painting.

So it's a sad time, but worthy LTD has just announced that the store and the painting side of worthy painting is no more, they are going out of business. Worthy LTD have provided some stunning painted models. And also gave away a fully painted Eldar Titan. But In the latest Video Nick states that they can no longer continue to run Worthy LTD due to cash flow problems.

Unfortunately it looks as though they are also unable to full fill previous orders. But has stated in there YouTube video that Shaun from Blue Table Painting, has agreed to full fill those orders. Shaun has also Posted a Video, stating his Support for Worthy LTD in these hard times.

A very sad day indeed for the war gaming community, it was only recently that posts sprung up on forums like Dakka Dakka slating the company for lack of communication and so called rush jobs. But in the light of there new YouTube Video we can see why the company may of been slipping in recent months, compared to the high quality service that they have been known for.

It's never good to see a company struggle, especially one that has brought a smile to many customers faces for there excellent painting services. The good news is that they are keeping the YouTube channel going, so we can still expect to see some excellent videos from then.

Good luck in the future.

An interview with Joey Berry. Aka TheJoeyBerry

Joey Berry was Kind enough to conduct a small Facebook message based interview for me (yeah Facebook interviews, what ever next? I'm trying here peeps its all I could manage at short notice OK :P) to add content to my very new blog, and also give a bit of incite into how she has become a successful YouTuber.

We have all seen TheJoeyBerry Videos be it via self discovery or whilst cursing to our self's about the stupidly talented people that make up the Wargaming Consortium, of witch Joey is a strong member of. And I'm sure a few of us follow her Facebook page.

GWGwhat first got you started into the wargaming hobby, and just how long has it been a part of your life now?

Joey: After moving county from Kent to Devon I have always been an avid PC gamer but I tried to make a conscious effort to socialize and make friends. When walking around Plymouth high street one day I noticed a Games Workshop (you have to bear in mind I had no idea what GW was at all and assumed it was just a regular game store) so I walked in after seeing the Lord of the Rings poster and minis in the display cabinet. Once I'd figured out the jist of the place a staff member came over and tried to sell me Lord of the rings but it really wasn't for me. As a big fan of the books and films I wasn't sold on the idea of playing my own version of a concrete story in my mind.
Instead I picked up a box of wood elves as they bare a close resemblance to the LOTR elves with a clean story slate as it were.
It's been a part of my life now since January 2012.

GWG: It’s been well over a year now since you started uploading videos to YouTube, on your channel, TheJoeyBerry. Just what made you take the leap into the world of YouTube?

Joey: The leap into YouTube came from forum frustration. I began my journey posting on a few forums trying to ask how to build minis and how to paint and after a few people helped me out a lot I decided to show off my dryads to them. I was the most terrifying thing I have ever done. Waiting for that video to upload and watching it get to 10 views with a mixture of dread/excitement/pride/embarrassment I waited to see what people had to say about them. I had good reviews on the dryads, but mixed reviews about myself so for the sake of my dryads I decided to keep posting.

 GWG: You have made a very successful channel, What do you think is the main reason you have been so successful, And has joining the wargaming consortium helped boost views at all.

Joey:  As to the channel success, It's had it's ups and downs. I've had amazing compliments and horrendous insults thrown at me from time to time so I think it's really down to me sticking by it and riding out the storm. Personal digs matter a lot less. Posting regularly and getting people involved makes all the difference. The Consortium has helped a lot especially last year with guidance through problems and together we've created a wargaming family of sorts.
Joining the Consortium initially definitely helped boost views and raise awareness of the channel but over the past 8-6 months I've started to stand on my own two feet by way of views and my own regular viewers so I think we're at a point where we help each other. 

GWG: The outfits, what more can I say :P

Joey: The outfits indeed! That all began with the Warhammer Fantasy Magic Lore videos where I started to let my comedy streak out and have a bit of informative fun- It followed me to Adepticon this year by way of the BlueTablePainting ladies, Shannon and Tara who were both wearing amazing costumes and Tara loaned hers to me for a while... it was glorious.

GWG:    For me, I have to listen to Horus Heresy Audio books or 40K radio that I have recently discovered and I am enjoying. I also have your videos as well as BTP, Miniwargaming and many more hobby related Videos and Pod casts. I find this takes the whole "OMG LOOK AT ALL THOSE UNPAINTED MODELS" mind set away. What keeps you motivated, when you have tons of painting to do?

Joey:  What keeps me motivated to paint is sometimes (and totally not pretentiously) my motivation video. I figure If I have the balls to preach about motivation I should bloody well practice it. So I guess in essence guilt and not wanting to be a giant hypocrite keeps me in check. 

GWG:   what are the future plans for the Warhammer Joey Channel?

Joey:  Future plans for the channel are really to focus on finishing the Fantasy Lores of Magic videos and to finish my Game of Throne Lizardman army done.

GWG: Any tips for those wishing to start out on a YouTube adventure?

 Joey:    Tips for any new comers is to stick to it. Have a plan of what you want it to be about i.e gaming, painting, tournaments, conversions etc and cover everything you can. People will disagree or criticize but make sure you listen if it's constructive and ignore if it's not.