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Friday, 7 June 2013

World Eaters PC Case: Day 2

So today I have been planning out and cutting up the case a bit. I decided on an irregular window shape instead of just square. I also decided to make a small display window next to it. Now I wanted to give it a mechanical type look so I came up with an idea to put the internals of a HDD on display. So to do this I have to remove the cover plate from a HDD and then cut out the area I want displayed. This then deeds to be covered is clear plexiglass. And will be. Mounted behind the small case window.

Talking of plexiglass, I am going to engrave a digital read out, with warning runes, and other items that would be displayed. This will be done on Green crystal plexiglass. And should give the feeling of looking at the control displays of a Fell-blade tank. 

For doing the cuts in the window I used normal painters masking tape. So that I could draw out the pattern. After I was happy with position of the window so that the view through it would only be of the motherboard and hardware, I then made some starter cuts with my Dremel, before cutting out the shapes with a Jig saw.

The problem with using a jig saw on thin steel like this, is it leaves a sort of rippled effect along the cut edge, because of the movement of the blade. So I have to spend the remainder of my time with the side panel. Hammering the small ripples and any dents. And then a a heap of time to file the cut edges smooth.

By tomorrow I should be able to get the case cleaned up and sanded down ready for primer. The inside of the case is going to stay mostly black being as the blue motherboard. And possible white water cooling tubes will continue the wold eaters theme inside.

Any way a few pics of where I am today.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

World Eaters PC case: Day 1

Ok, Now my first love (second if you include the children) is Custom PC's. Over the years I have built some fantastic Cases. From R2D2's Micro ITX millennium Falcons. Even built a Bio-shock Case that had the PC completely submerged in Mineral Oil.

And the time has come for a new PC project. The reason why I am going with a World eaters theme is simple. I love the Blue and White Pre heresy World eaters. Within the next few months you will actually see me mass an entire pre heresy Army using all the Forge world models. So why a PC. well I need a PC to go into the hobby room. My main PC takes up far too much room with its triple 24" monitors and huge desk.
So I want to build a PC for browsing the internet and blogging, wile I am in the Hobby room. This will also come in handy if I decide to do Battle reports. As They can be streamed directly to the PC. rather than Uploading at a later date.

Now the plan. I am not one for planning ahead plans always go wrong and the worst ALWAYS happens. so i never plan anything I just get on and do it, and make it up as a go a long. I call this an "Adaptive Life" don't plan, adapt.

But for the purpose of getting you lot to tune in to these build days I need to at least give you some direction of what I will be doing.
Now anybody that knows me knows I hate Apple with a passion. They are like supermodels, Great to look at but in the end you are left with pretty box that cant communicate. But because of "trend" there are a lot of Apps and items I can get on Apple to help me in my hobby that i cant otherwise get on my windows based computer, of witch there are 6 of in a house that consists of 2 adults and 2 children. So with this trend of apple based products taking over the GW hobby scene I have decided that this build will be a Hackingtosh.

Now for those of you that don't know what the hell a Hackintosh is. It is a bog standard PC, with PC hardware, in a normal PC case. But by means of some handy programs, runs MAC OSX. like any other £1000 Mac would. Only for 25% of the price. And normally twice as fast. As Macs don't have particularly great hardware. But because the operating system is so basic. the computers resources are not used up by the operating system meaning a much much faster computer.

And with this in mined it means I don't have to use Powerhouse CPU's like the Intel 3960X in my main gaming rig. I also have no need to use large HDD's in this either as I have a main Server with over 20TB of storage space that serves all the PC's PlayStation, Phones, Xbox's ETC in the house hold. So I will be using just a single Super fast 60gb solid state drive. to provide me with super fast loading times and increasing the quality of video captured to to the bandwidth being unlimited by mechanical HDD speed when streaming video to my PC.

 So design wise, White and Blue is going to be the most obvious theme here. But its how to put it into practice. I will definitely be cutting out a window for this case. and i am contemplating doing it as the inside on the world eaters symbol with the rest painted onto the actual case. Im also thinking of a battle damaged look. And I'm loving this idea as i haven't weathered a PC case for a long time not since Half Life 2 came out and I rusted an entire case. and gave it a Steam Punk look..I am also considering having a Battle diorama inside of the actual case with World eaters VS ultramarine. I did this on a case before But I did it in the front drive bays, And had a Cerberus figure standing in front of some twisted up and rusted gates. like he is Guarding the gates of the underworld. If anyone has been a long time reader of PC format You probably would of seen this case in a Readers rigs section around 2005. the actual issue I can not remember. So i have all of these ideas for the case. But until I put Dremel to metal. I wont know exactly what Direction I will be taking it.

So let's take a look at the base for this build. For around a year I have had this stunning and plain Micro ATX Silverstone case with a 180 degree flipped Motherboard tray. I brought this case for a media server as it was small compact but fitted in with the Black entertainment system i had setup. However I also brought a new TV that had the option of taking your content directly from a NAS (network attached storage). so the need for a media center/server went out the window. So the case has been gathering Dust in the garage.

I love the flipped MB tray so this case was defiantly the one I wanted for this build. It small compact. But has enough room inside to take a full size Power supply and even enough room to stick a 240mm Radiator in it just in case I decide to go water cooled.

Now for today. I have completely stripped down to the case to all of its components. And I will also Drill out the rivets before Spraying the case. But until everything is cut and mock fitted its a good idea to keep the carcase in 1 piece. so as you can see from the picture below it is now in its basic broken down form. ready for modding and cutting. Now I am going to be pondering over this for tonight and any comments and suggestions you might have are most welcome. And Then tomorrow with an idea or not I'm gonna start cutting this up   :)