Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gosprt Wargaming Club. Summer Painting Compatition.

Doing a quick post here to show case my Gaming clubs Painting competition. unfortunate I was unable to enter anything this year due to Having to work on the Saturday. Actually annoyed me A lot being as I have had a good year of turning out painted mini's.

But here are some of the great painting that was entered.

John Wilcocks Absolutely Stunning DA flyer. To see this thing Up close is something else.

Paddy O'Gormans Hellbrute

John Wilcocks LOTR set. How he did it I dont know but even the Hobbits have eye details.

John Willcocks Nurgle Daemon Prince

Just to make us all feel bad about our painting. This screaming Bell was Painted by a 13 year old. Could be seeing a future Golden Daemon winner here.

Blood letters Painted by Mark Stancliffe

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