Sunday, 29 September 2013

Games Day UK 2013

 Well, like many others today I headed off to Birmingham for Gameday UK 2013.

The general theme for the whole day seamed to be Forge world, and Horus Heresy heavy. This was great for me however, being a Heresy player my self. The amount of new models on show was immense, and some stunning displays, Including a Zone Mortalis Imperial Fists VS Iron Warriors battle. And the stunning Drop site Massacre, White Dwarf did not do the Drop site massacre justice in its latest issue. I was going there expecting a huge Dark Elf themed Day, But there was very little Dark Elf stuff on display, Well compared too the HH and Forge World items anyway.

The Que for Forge World was massive, and when I saw it I was glad I pre ordered Massacre. As I walked right in picked up my copy, And was also able to get Alan Bligh to sign it for me with minimal waiting time. As every one else was still trying to purchase there copies.

Saw some of the new Supplements being released including the new Chaos Gods limited edition 4 book set. and the Farsight, and Black Legion supplement hard back editions. All the Model Sculptors from Forge world where out in force and willing to chat to us all about the new creations.

There was a huge Fantasy flight games stand there with there licenced GW based games, Horus Heresy, Relic, Talisman, and the stunning RPG book sets based on the Black crusades and heresy's.

Had most of the Evy Metal Painters doing live painting, as well as a sit and paint masterclass session using a supplied space marine figure, and following the instructions from the iBooks HOW TO PAINT SPACE MARINES.

Got a few pics, unfortunately, not all turned out that great, Models in Glass units with bright lighting........ war gamer problems.

So anyway onwards with the pics.

 New sicaran Venator

New Machanicus Models


Dread claw Drop Pod

Lorgar???????? Oh yes.

Forge world Seminar shed light on what is in Book III for the Horus Heresy.

New Dark elf Models

Is that Castle Greyskull?

Drop Site Massacre

The Next Supplement release for C:SM

The £7000 Ultramarines chapter on display

Fire Phoenix

Crashed Thunder Hawk Realm of Battle tile

The New Tau Riptide, NOT A FAN.

Chaos Gods Limited edition Supplements

Black legion Supplements

Eavy Metal Painter showing off some edge high lighting

A New Side Scrolling Beat' um up, Featuring an Angry Space marine with a chain sword and bolt pistol, looked a lot of fun.

A new Armageddon PC game, It was hard to  tell what was going on, I'm assuming its a Turn Based Risk sort of game.

And the thing that put a smile on my face today, Sighed copy of Massacre.

And a Massive congrats to David Soper, for winning the Slayer sword with his Scourge Diorama

Oh and did I forget to say something............. what was it now................... Began with something like Lerper....Lurper....Lorpa......LUPERCAL!!!!!!!

Thats right the 5th Primarch being released Is Horus Lupercal, the Warmaster.

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