Friday, 8 November 2013

World Eaters Terminators: Special weapons.

Pulled my finger out and finished the first 5 terminators for my world eaters, I did the specialist weapons first comprising as you will see of mostly flamer based weapons, Heavy flamer, and Combi bolters/flamers. Also an Auto cannon and Plasma gun. 

My terminators will mostly be comprised of Flamer based Weapons, as this will make them not only great Assault troops, but be able to put out walls of death against any units that are stupid enough to charge a World Eater. I have 15 left to do now, 10 of them need minor sorting out after a really bad Undercoating, consisting of still after 3 washes, the paint still did not stick and the undercoat just flaked off. With the 5 I have pictured now, I actually sprayed purity seal on the bare resin first, and then used undercoat. The clear coat has a slight Etching effect to it, so it bites into paint and protects it, This works to the advantage of biting into the resin and providing a nice Matt coat on what you can then undercoat onto.

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