Friday, 7 June 2013

World Eaters PC Case: Day 2

So today I have been planning out and cutting up the case a bit. I decided on an irregular window shape instead of just square. I also decided to make a small display window next to it. Now I wanted to give it a mechanical type look so I came up with an idea to put the internals of a HDD on display. So to do this I have to remove the cover plate from a HDD and then cut out the area I want displayed. This then deeds to be covered is clear plexiglass. And will be. Mounted behind the small case window.

Talking of plexiglass, I am going to engrave a digital read out, with warning runes, and other items that would be displayed. This will be done on Green crystal plexiglass. And should give the feeling of looking at the control displays of a Fell-blade tank. 

For doing the cuts in the window I used normal painters masking tape. So that I could draw out the pattern. After I was happy with position of the window so that the view through it would only be of the motherboard and hardware, I then made some starter cuts with my Dremel, before cutting out the shapes with a Jig saw.

The problem with using a jig saw on thin steel like this, is it leaves a sort of rippled effect along the cut edge, because of the movement of the blade. So I have to spend the remainder of my time with the side panel. Hammering the small ripples and any dents. And then a a heap of time to file the cut edges smooth.

By tomorrow I should be able to get the case cleaned up and sanded down ready for primer. The inside of the case is going to stay mostly black being as the blue motherboard. And possible white water cooling tubes will continue the wold eaters theme inside.

Any way a few pics of where I am today.

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