Saturday, 5 October 2013

Dread Ball: The Upper City Slickers

Yes, I know I did not do a review of Dreadball Ultimate. BUT to be fair I could not wait to play it. As soon as it turned up I glued the teams together and roped my other half into playing it with me. (She is a mean ork) After half my team being killed by my darling Girl Friends Orks, I was hooked, and went straight for the air brush to paint up my first team.

The 'UPPER CITY SLICKERS' yeah i always did suck at teams names.

I also went slightly out of my comfort Zone, and decided to paint of Digital numbers instead of paying the £1.99 for the transfers, that's like 2 forge world shoulder pads i could buy with the saving.

Not to bad for my first touch of free hand, I'm at that point now where I even use my airbrush to lip the shoulder pads with gold now. so using a brush is a new thing for me. Any way they cam out looking pretty cool.

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