Saturday, 5 October 2013

Review: 40K Hardback Small Rule Book

OK less of a review more of a small rant. Yeah the book looks great stunning cover, Black chrome edged pages, and a use full feature of having 3 different coloured Ribbons to mark some of the pages you refer to the most, in my case the first few pages of How To Play The Game.

But there is a LARGE flaw in this rule Book. Apart from the fact it £30 the same cost of a fully fledged Hard cover Codex. And that's important. GW charge us £30 for a Hard back Codex that has had Brand new rules written loads of Fluff and stunning new Artwork. This Rule book however is nothing more than the Tiny rulebook you get in dark vengeance. This would not be that bad I could of been happy with that if it wasn't for the fact that GW are so Bloody Lazy they could not even be bothered to update the Book with the latest FAQ. They have literally just wrapped cardboard around the Dark Vengeance Rule book added some Ribbons to it. And charged the same price as a fully fledged Codex. More full me for buying it, But it does look rather nice sat on the shelf Next to Betrayal And Massacre.


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