Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hobby Update

Well I have been slightly inactive on the blog for a wile. In truth, I have had so much Hobby time available I have made good use to it. But now the Xmas holidays are far gone, And Its back to work time for me. (well maybe next week) 

So i will be slowing down on what gets painted, in some ways that's a good thing, as sometimes you speed increases but your skill does not. So its good to have a slow down for a wile.

I have practically stopped doing the world eaters at the moment, and concentrating on other army's. Its not that I'm bored of them, its more the fact that I have done the bulk now. All the troops are done, and a few key units. I expect once they release Kharn I will get back to them. But they are staying in there sealed zip lock forge world bags for now.

I have been getting on with my Eldar allies for my Dark Eldar of late, apart from doing a Farseer on a Jetbike conversion I'm practically done with them. Even picked them up a Revenant Titan that I can now use in games of Escalation.

Actually been playing the game as of late as well, had a great game of Escalation (was more apoc than escalation) at Warhammer World with some friends to end a great hobby year, and I think all 4 of us went home with empty pockets. used twice as much fuel on the way home as the journey up to Nottingham due to the weight of all the resin we had to carry back home with us.

Also been getting ready for my Local clubs Badab War campaign. And randomly decided instead of using my world eaters as a chaos army. I would just do an entire new army. So went out and brought all the models I needed for a Tyrants legion Army. and then was greeted on twitter by a tweet from Forge world with a link to the new Tyrants Legion Army list, so that worked out rather well.

I have about 2000Pts worth all in so far with most of that painted and ready bar some 40 imperial guard. but they will be done soon, and ready to shield the Astarte's of the Astral Claws from incoming fire.

Looking forward to the Campaign, I'm not to worried about winning any games, hence the nice fluffy list rather than a 120 zombies and 3 helldrakes.

Talking of the campaign We need to figure out some sort of Fortress wall to use in the end game. Would love to have the funds available to spank £800 on the forge world imperial fortress. But don't see that happening. 

So anyway, A few Pictures of some models I have been doing. Also have a 2 in 1 review of Table Top Tyrants Figure cases, And Gifts for Geeks own brand of Foam trays.

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