Friday, 10 January 2014

Tabletop Tyrant figure cases.

So we have all spent hundreds, thousands in some cases on are miniatures, and countless hours painting them, to get them looking good, I have one friend who spends 8 hours per space marine 8 flipping hours!!! I paint 40 in that time. How ever the quality does show. But with that a side, no matter how long you spend painting or how much you spend on the models them self's, you want to protect them. Now when it comes protecting your minis we have a few options available to us. On the top of scale price wise we have battle foam, expected but yet the quality and versatility of the product is very high. Plus the option to customise each and every tray adds to the protection of you models. We then have the next big contender KR multicase. Now these are also very good the quality is not up to par with BF, but this shows in the price. Around £35 will get you a cardboard box with enough foam for say   A battalion box from GW. They also do aluminium boxes as well as ruck sack style bags that you can load the card board into. Then we have GW own......... Moving on.

So TT figure cases. Have a range similar not quite as big as battle foam. Different sized bags that fit different amounts of foam. But I'm going to be talking about 2 bags in particular, as in my mind they give both the best versatility and the best bang for buck. There is a £20 difference between each of these bags. The dreadnought bag offering hard plastic sides and multiple pockets for storing gaming supplies. Whilst the standard bag just offers storage for foam. The dreadnought bag weighs in at £65 whilst the standard bag is a mere £41. Now bare in mind both those prices include the bag fully loaded with what ever foam you. Can fit in it. On the gift for geeks website there is a tool to create your bag, and add it to your basket with the foam you require. You get 8 slots in total. That's 5 more troop trays than the £36 GW model.

The cases are well made With Zips that don't pull apart, this is my pet hate, and even on my very expensive Makita tools bags, this is an issue. The canvas is Waterproof so you dant have to worry about your army getting wet whilst walking to your local gaming meet. And the shoulder traps are not only strong, but the release catches are easy to use if you want to take them off for any reason. Foam wise You have as many options as you like as the TT cases hold Battlefoam, KR multicase, and GW foam. Making them a great Substitute for Heavy Aluminium cases or Cardboard cases. Whilst not costing you a fortune.
And the cost is something that needs a comparison. So below is a list of the closest Product for product comparison.
 Battlefoam P.A.C.K 720:   
Holds 9  troop tray's, Pockets for storage, hard side walls Cost £148
Games Workshop Large troop Carrier:
Holds 6 25mm troop trays, No pockets for storage, Hard plastic case, Cost £61.50. WARNING! chance of being beaten up whilst walking to a game, due to the huge Warhammer or Warhammer 40k stamped case.
KR Multicase Kaiser 2: Holds 8 troop trays With pockets for storage, Soft side walls, cost £76

Tabletop Tyrant Dreadnought Case: Holds 8 Troop trays, Hard side walls, Pockets for storage, Cost £61

Tabletop tyrant Tyrant case: Holds 8 troop trays, Soft sidewalls, No pockets for storage, Cost £41

Tabletop Tyrant cases closer look....
The front pocket on the case is large enough to carry bags of dice, tape measures, all the normal gaming items you need with you.

There are side pockets on eaxh side, that fit the 40K templates,

Inside a selection of foam, currently holding my Dark Eldar army.

In this foam tray I have:

  • 20 Warriors
  • Archon
  • 10 Jetbikes
  • 10 Scourges
  • 5 Helions
  • 2 Raiders
  • Razorwing Jet Fighter.

High quality zips, mean that the bag will stay shut during transport with out the zips splitting apart, and the quick release catches for the shoulder straps are secure yet easy to operate.

Inside of the case, there is a Pocket big enough to carry a new style hardback Codex, even when full with foam.

To sum up, I think the TT cases give you the best bang for buck. With strength and durability, plus nice soft foam to protect your mini's. If you are looking for a new Figure case then head over to And click the Build Your Case Now button, to start customising your TT case.


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