Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hobby Update.

So a little update of what I have been up to recently for those of you who don't check the Facebook page page.

First up is the Night Raptors for my NightLords Legion, Grabbed 10 of these when we went to Warhammer world Just before Xmas, was dreading painting them as it was a lot of brush work, And I get agitated if I cant use the Airbrush for everything :P

Also grabbed some Mechanicum on the same trip, Loved these models And actually very fast and easy to paint, Could happily Turn out a Full army of these Bad boys.

And I did it, I finally finished the the Proteus, It has been sat Built and Base coated for about 3 months. But I decided to pull my finger out now I have cleared some other units I wanted to get. And finished it off, weathered the same as the rest of my World Eaters. I'm looking forward to grabbing my self a Real of Battle board and building my little Istvaan III table, so all my World Eaters will look right at home. I'm not going to lie here though, I still have many, many, more models to finish off for the World Eaters.

 Also grabbed this guy my Local Hobby Store still has these in stock for the correct price, not the £50-70 i have seen people try to sell them for on eBay. The reason I brought it.......... Um its sort of a tester, And a practise piece to work on my Edge Highlighting and other techniques i try to get away with not using. So the model is all pinned and needs a quick dust coat, the dust coat will help me spot any bit that will need a bit of Milliputt or extra attention.

Also grabbed 3 Leman Russ Battle tanks from my Local Hobby Store, they where all ready built and Primed and who ever built them was lets just say a Cretin. But they came out OK with a touch a weathering, and now my Tyrants Legion has a nice heavy support squadron.

And Some more additions to my Dark eldar"ish" Eldar units. Got these Wraithguard painted up to match with my dark eldar. Im starting to like purple far to much. NO I'm not going to start Emperors children next.

Talking of what is next, Been thinking about what I do actually want to do next. I have thought about Elysian drop troops, don't get me wrong I love them to bits, same as I love Krieg, however I hate painting guard. So I may have to skip them. Renegades is also an Army I would love to do, But again the Hate for painting all things guard and the expense of having to buy both guard units and renegade upgrades for those kits makes it a rather pricey list, Almost on par with my World Eaters, And again its painting guard. I still have 120 Mantic Zombies I could paint pretty fast, just need 120 25mm round bases from GW. And i could start my Zombie Nurgle Army. But I have also thought about getting some good guys, I worked out on Battle scribe the units I would want for a fluffy White Scars army. And to be fair it works out pretty cheap if I brought everything brand new. So that is a big possibility.

But I'm sure my mind will change again after the next big FW releases. 

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