Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A new FAQ for Eldar?


It seems as though GW have already released a FAQ for the new Codex: Eldar. And this is no spelling mistake. It seems they have a whole new profile for the Shadow Weaver Weapon. The Pic below it is taken from the new FAQ.

Now this is all well and good, But for those people that went and spent the money out of a limited edition dust cover, they now have to draw on there limited edition codex's or carry around the FAQ sheet with them from now on.

Wile GW love the digital releases, I can honestly say that I prefer to hold the book in my hands than stare at my fruit based tablet. If they continue to make adjustments to the new codex's, the digital variants with the auto updates feature is looking more feasible. But only as a battle reference. When it comes to reading your back story and such, you can beat those glossy pages. Oh and the smell of a new book, or is it just me that has to open a new book and smell the spine? Come on admit it you all do it.


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