Monday, 27 May 2013

The Forces of Chaos

 Well I have finally finished my Brass scorpion. Its only taken me 2 months But i finally got on with.

Have to say I actually wasn't very impressed with the overall quality of the mold lines. i think I got a Friday afternoon job. As I had to do tons of sanding and filling on the Armour plates to get the edges smooth enough for painting.

Any way a few pics.

Now dont get me wrong I am in no way a great painter, half the time i have to force my self too paint. But i dont think this came out all that bad.

Also I have finished my Plague marines.

So what is next, well I cant honestly tell you. I am planning a trip to Nottingham GW HQ again soon. and I'm coming up with a forge world shopping list.

The problem I'm having now is. apart from Eldar, there is no other armies i want to go for. I could switch and get some Warhammer fantasy. but they just seem too repetitive to enjoy making the models or painting them.

So I'm guessing forge world is the only way forward. the problem is the price. a Unit of 30 pre heresy space marines will set you back £160. that's £100 more than the equivalent in GW. granted the quality is amazing. and i do really want them. but lets be honest here. that's just for troops. I then need a Primarch "Angron" obviously. And the tanks are well over the £150 mark for 1.

But this would not be a problem if it wasn't for the fact I also want to grab a Chaos Renegade army. to boost my Chaos Force into Apocalypse points value. 

So what is one to do. I think I'm going to go with a £1000 in my pocket and get what ever i can for that money. Probably leaning more towards the renegades as i will get to use them more often and be able to use them as imperial guard in normal 40k battles. Stay tuned though.

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