Thursday, 30 May 2013

Worthy Painting.

So it's a sad time, but worthy LTD has just announced that the store and the painting side of worthy painting is no more, they are going out of business. Worthy LTD have provided some stunning painted models. And also gave away a fully painted Eldar Titan. But In the latest Video Nick states that they can no longer continue to run Worthy LTD due to cash flow problems.

Unfortunately it looks as though they are also unable to full fill previous orders. But has stated in there YouTube video that Shaun from Blue Table Painting, has agreed to full fill those orders. Shaun has also Posted a Video, stating his Support for Worthy LTD in these hard times.

A very sad day indeed for the war gaming community, it was only recently that posts sprung up on forums like Dakka Dakka slating the company for lack of communication and so called rush jobs. But in the light of there new YouTube Video we can see why the company may of been slipping in recent months, compared to the high quality service that they have been known for.

It's never good to see a company struggle, especially one that has brought a smile to many customers faces for there excellent painting services. The good news is that they are keeping the YouTube channel going, so we can still expect to see some excellent videos from then.

Good luck in the future.

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