Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Tau

Ok so I thought i better upload some pics of my tau models, that I have been working on. Every aspect of them was Airbrushed. And because I didn't have to pick up a paint brush I actually got on with them and got them painted. 2 weeks in total.

The army consists of (ATM)

1X Commander
6X Crisis Suits
1X Riptide (El Cataclysmo)  
24X Fire Warriors
1X Hammerhead
1X Cadre Firblade
10X Pathfinders
22X drones of defferent types
Once buffed up this gives me a fully loaded 1850pt Army


Actualy got to use them in anger the other day. And completely wiped out a 1850pt dark angels deathwing company, So much so that my friend conceded when it hit my shooting phase on Turn 3. And that's now a problem as he will never want to play me again with my Tau. So how am I to practice tactics and formations and different lists if i cannot use them. Child B is still too young to get used to all the rules Iwill need to use in order to practice properly. And If i asked "her in doors" I would probably get her size 6 Iron fist shoes thrown at me.

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