Friday, 31 May 2013

White Dwarf Classics #1

Well after a recent trip to an auction house I suddenly got a bug. This bug involved tracking down as many white dwarfs from the ages as I possibly could. Why? Well why not? It is good to get down to the history of our hobby and and see what it has evolved from. So I took the white dwarfs and got scanning. I have cleaned up some of the poor quality pages, and have at the moment white dwarf, 1-146, all scanned in and on my fruit based product so I can read them with out damaging. Also makes it easier to upload pics to the blog as well.

So where better place to start White Dwarf #1

So there we go issue number 1, 36 years old this month. Now cover art?  This is very interesting. Because I have all the covers lined up in iBooks, its great to see how the art on the covers have developed over the years. AND so will you, because I'm making this a new feature. A white dwarf cover and feature every day. 
If you are reading this and remember a great feature you want shown for tomorrow Issue 2. Then get commenting at the bottom.

Ok so the feature i have chosen from Issue 1 is  Metamorphasis Alpha. Its a D&D based game set in the 23rd Century on board a lost Star Ship, Starship Warden.
Star Ship Warden was created to overcome the over population on Old Terra (Yup Terra). The Ship flew through a large radiated cloud in  space, (oh i see where they are going with this) on its voyage to inhabitable worlds across space, and most of the inhabitants and live stock died. those who did survive are now occupied with day to day survival. Strange mutation have occurred to both the livestock and humans on board. Animals are gaining intelligence and hunting as man. posing more danger to the non mutated humans aboard. A classic Survival Horror.

Remember to Click on the pictures to bring up the larger version for reading.

Hope you enjoy this feature And remember to Comment your best Old School features that you would like to see here.

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