Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Revisiting Dark Eldar #2

I fished out an old Venom That I had from my previous DE army. And got to stripping paint off of it. I am loving the Purple look of the Scourges I painted previously, So it made sense to continue this, As I have found a new love for my DE.

I did a basic Air brush job with a Purple that was mixed out of Vallejo Model air White. And Naggaroth Night citadel Paint. After painting the entire model Purple I decided that a section of the plating should be Black to break up the color. I liked how this turned out so any future Vehicles and fliers will have the same sort of appearance as the Venom, Especially the Razor wing Jet fighters. 

I then added a few glyphs using a Letraset 0.1 fine line drawing pen. These came out better this way that if i had tried to do it by hand. It may have looked better if I had a used some Decals. But being as all i could fined where Chaos and Tau. this had to do.

I decided on a small amount of weathering. Using a Ripped off piece of sponge and some Bolt gun metal I lightly dabbed areas, and streaked lines across the sides to give the appearance of scratches down the side, as if the venom had been used to ram into the side of a tank so the occupants (normally Incubi) could leap onto the tank and assault it. They are space pirates after all "GARRRR"

I don't think it turned out too bad at all, considering how it looked before. Just black undercoat with some wobbly bright green lines down the panel joins. 

Doing this has also made me realize, The more you try to copy GW pictures the worse your painting becomes. Trying to copy a style that was done by professionals who have been doing it for years is never going to produce good jobs, so its better to just do your own thing. As then there is nothing to compare it against and you don't feel disappointed with your self.

Anyway. PICS!!!!!

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