Monday, 24 June 2013

Revisiting Dark Eldar

Ok so i did collect Dark Eldar, But I hated the painting on them. It was very slap dash, and was also the first fully painted army i finished. I just never liked the look of them my painting was not very good at all. I ended up Selling everything on Ebay or so i thought. And that actually funded most of my Tau army. 

However I found a Box Of unmade UN-painted Scourges. So I decided to Have a go at painting them, And see if my painting had improved.

Well I have just finished them tonight, Took me most of last night and some of this evening to get them to a standard that I am happy with. 

I am actually pretty happy with how they came out. And I am loving the purple. So I will probably pick up a box of warriors tomorrow, And see how they turn out.

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