Monday, 10 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics: Issue #8

White Swarf Issue 8 stays the same bi-monthly release for WD, The cover is by Derek Hayes

  Mervyn Lemon presents a two-page article on scratch-building your own figures in Monster Modelling, Fun to read, but not something you’re likely to want to do now

 The first part of the Valley of the Four Winds by Rowland Flynn is a typical fantasy quest where the good guys must gather advice, allies and magic items before a final battle against evil. A brass wind god torments the city of Farrondil, extorting the kingdom unless Hero and his brave band can stop it, and the rise of evil creatures from the east.

The Fiend Factory features a number of silly creatures, plus some of the best that turned up in the Fiend Folio. The Tween, Carbuncle and Coffer Corpse are the creatures that made the cut.

  The cartoon Kalgar is down to a half-page this month, written and drawn by David Lloyd.

And I have also included the Games Workshop price list. As Now we have the original Space Marines: SF Land warfare Rulebook listed. It is safe to say that eventually this will become the Rogue Trader Rules. And then the Warhammer 40k we know today.

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