Sunday, 2 June 2013

White Dwarf classics #3

So the third day and the third White Dwarf classic. The cover is by Alan Hunter, showing a warrior and a woman (or no particular function) facing a werewolf just in the process of changing. The inclusion of squares on the floor perhaps shows the D&D connection, as does the intriguing locked chest between the protagonists and antagonist.

So in episode three there is a lot of information on mapping your own dungeons for use in D&D. As well as continuing articles on advanced D&D, and monster rules.

The most interesting article gets closer to what our white dwarfs of today focus on. Miniatures and painting.  Eddie Jones talks about how in the past with the lack of detail on miniatures a simple glob of pink was fine for faces. But with the ever increasing detail of there 25mm models, the need for more advanced painting is in order.  Eddie Jones explains about the use of brushes different paints and bringing skills from much larger models down to the 25mm scale in order to get the best from the increasing detail of miniatures. 

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