Sunday, 9 June 2013

White dwarf Classics Issue #7

A complete change for White dwarf now. The front cover in now is full color, and is also 4 pages longer. granted these are just Advertising pages but it is easy to see that the Mag is starting to grow. A couple of features in this mag I am posting. More from the fiend Factory. And a new level for the Greenlands Dungeon. Plus a comic strip :)

So first up is a huge update to the Fiend Factory.  there a plenty of new but familiar creatures to be found here.  We have the Necrophidius, the Rover, a Living Wall, Volt, the Gluey, Squonk, Eye Killer, Witherweed, and the Withra.  All are complete with Monstermark ratings as well.  

Then we have a new level for the Greenlands Dungeon named Lair of the Demon Queen. Which is a just a quick encounter with a couple rooms.  Perfect to add into a game.

And then we have our Comic Strip.

 All in all White dwarf, as we can see is on the up and up. Still brilliant hand drawn artwork. and great written articles and information.

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