Tuesday, 4 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics: Issue #5

Ok time for Issue 5, After reading through this White Dwarf, I was looking for an interesting article to go with for today's feature. There were a few that i could choose from like Games Day III, but none interested me more than the Editorial that I just happened to read last. We all know what is going on with Games Workshop and Copywrite proceedings, with Chapter House Studios. 
But it wasn't until I read Issue 5's editorial that this really sunk in. So all I'm going to post today is the cover and editorial page. As nothing else in the mag really has any significance.

 "nobody will gain from this strict enforcement of copyright laws, but the SF/F hobbyist will definitely lose. Let's hope that such problems can be resolved so that in future the wargames table will welcome the presence of Darth Vader with a light sabre, rather than a lawsuit, in his hands."

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