Saturday, 8 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics issue #6

AHHHH havent updated the White Dwarf Classics for DAYYYYYS. 

Ok so White Dwarf Issue 6.

So we at one year of WD and we see some changes.  The first, most notable change is the right justification of the the text.  I does make the magazine a bit easier to read and looks cleaner.  The second is the introduction of a new feature called The Fiend Factory.  Something that in time will be a major feature of WD and spawn the AD&D Fiend Folio.

A new feature of WD is Fiend Factory. The monsters presented here are from various authors but edited by Don Turnbull.  The format is near-AD&D/Basic D&D.  Each includes a picture and a Monster mark rating right there with all the other stats. In this issue, The Needleman, The Throat Leech, The Mite, Bonesnapper, The Fiend, Disenchanter, and The Nilbog.  The article is longer than most WD articles have been to date, this is a significant jump in the evolution of WD.

Also we have a Kalgar Comic strip added in. there has been a few of these. But they start to get rare from now on.


This is also the Last ever two color White Dwarf. From Issue 7 onwards, The Cover Art work Is full color artwork. Much better from today's Lazy Photo covers.

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