Monday, 3 June 2013

White Dwarf Classics: Issue #4

Our next White dwarf is from December 1977, The cover was drawn by Games Workshop artist John Blanche.

The main feature is written by Don Turnbull, It depict the rules For an Alice level based  within the Greenlands  Dungeon. Is is based on the Through the Looking Glass, One part of Alice that most re-writes tend to skip. Instead of writing new Comabt rules for the players in this level, He has simply written rules for traps that represent cirtain things within the story.

He mentions that not many People actualy got into the level Simply because No one figured out the writing above the door, DNALREDNOW. 

We then have a feature from Tony Bath, who talks about R E Howard’s Conan setting.

The normal features ar continue from the previous 3 White Dwarfs including more D&D tactics. And more written about the Competative D&D rules.

I also Included a Games Workshop price list from this issue, Where we can see what was being sold by GW at the time of writing.


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