Sunday, 2 June 2013

Deep Strike Radio: Christina Campbell was a fake

Deep strike Radio have just released a statement about Christina Campbell.

"This is not an easy announcement for for Deep Strike Radio to make, but we believe it is necessary that we be completely honest with the listeners. Several discrepancies have arisen over the death and identity of one Christina Campbell. Upon having the matter brought to our attention, we proceeded to investigate the matter to the best of our ability. We would like to apologize to the community for allowing someone to use our show, and the 40k community as a vehicle for their own (as of yet unknown) agenda. The facts as we know them are thus:

1) There was never a person by the name of Christina Campbell participating on our show. Rather, it was an individual using a false identity. We have done extensive checks into Canadian Obituaries and any other references we could find, and have discovered no record of this identity.

2) This individual has taken advantage of our show, and the wider 40k community for their own gratification.

3) This person has also engaged in several false online relationships with various individuals in the community (Whose identities we will not disclose) for unknown reasons.

Once again, we would like to apologize for allowing this person to participate on this show under false pretenses. We believed this “Christina Campbell” as a member of the 40k online community for years (predating even this show) to be a creditable individual who would be a valuable addition to our cast.

There are two lessons to be learned from this, one in that while the online community can be a place for lasting and true friendships, it is extremely important to verify that the individuals you associate with are who they say they are. Two, that the 40k community is a caring and inviting one. The community had no reason to believe that this person was false, and did everything it could to be supportive and encouraging. Do not let this individual take this from any of you. Trust that, while these things happen, there is nothing wrong with being supportive of your fellow community members.

We will be back with our regularly scheduled programming next week."

 Just what goes through peoples heads now days. There really are some sick twisted people in this world. I don't even understand what the Endgame was for this individual.

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