Monday, 17 June 2013

In the box: Star Wars X-Wing

I finally picked up X-Wing today after around a month of debating to get it or not. The last few nights I have been watching Mini Wargaming Bat-Reps. If you are not a MWG vault member I suggest getting it. There so many great Videos to watch online and hundreds of tutorials to learn from. Costs around $2.99 Canadian. So sign up.

The starter set for X-Wing costs £30 in most stores I got it a little cheaper at £24 due to having a family member work there. The starter set provides everything you need for some great little battles consisting of two Tie Fighters and an X-Wing. 

The box is of  rugged design consisting of thick cardboard and a tough outer coating, this is useful as Battlefoam sell a insert for this box so that you can store a good selection of ships and cards in the original box, reducing the costs of protecting the models you collect for it.

Inside the box we fined both a quick start guide that let's you setup and play straight away, as well as a glossy 28 page, full color rule book. 

We also fined inside, a selection of the movement templates that allow you to pull of the moves in the game as well as a double sided Range ruler.

We then get our dice, 3 defense and 3 attack, our movement dials and assorted tokens to mark different effects on the ships.

We then have the Pilot cards that give us the ship stats. The pilots you get in the starter set range from basic pilots all the way up to Luke Skywalker. Each pilot has its own points costs and different special abilities, as well as what extra items they can take. 

As mentioned above some pilots can take extra items, we get smaller cards for these items, some of these are one use only and others are multiple use like R2-D2's ability to restore a shield on the X-Wing. We also have are damage cards. That you place face down for normal damage or face up for critical damage.

And now the ships. As I mentioned before in the starter set you get two Tie Fighters and one X-Wing, the ships are very well detailed and come fully painted ready to play. 

The game itself plays very well. Although the 28 page rule book covers every rule you need to know, the most important thing to learn is strategies and how to use your ships ability's. And this makes what seems at first a very simple game, become very challenging and fun to play. 

I recommend buying two starter boxes. The cost of buying the ships separately to boost your fleets works out cheaper to just buy a second starter box. This also gives you more dice that I found you will need, as most of the time you will be rolling 4 dice to attack. So you actually save around £10 doing it this way. Plus you then get a spare set of movement templates as well as extra tokens. 

I can't give this game enough props. It really is an epic game. That can provide you with quick 10 min battles or long 2 hour all out wars. Depending on point limits and models.

There are plenty of other ships available as boosters as well. Including the millennium Falcon, and even Slave I. 

All in all I give this a Grumpy rating of 89% 

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