Tuesday, 4 June 2013

GW Paint price rise

Ok so after a quick look at GW website this morning its clear to see the Manufactorum have bee raising prices, But only in the Paint department. So what are the new prices.

Spray Paint £9.80 an increase 30p 
Citadel Paints including Glaze, base, layers,wash £2.40 And increase of 10p
Citadel Edge Paints £2.55 And increase of 15p
Citadel Brush set £40.50 sure this was only £37 last week so an estimated increase of around £3

I haven't noticed any more increases I would of thought the tools section would also take a hit, But it seems they have left these prices alone for now. I haven't seen anymore price hikes on models or books so it does seem to be just the Paints. 

This wont actually mean a great deal to most of us being as the price raise is minimal. But what is with this Stealthy increase? Its starting to look as if GW think there customer base is made mostly of Mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed s**t). Is the price increase on paints merely the calm before the storm? 

With the amount of of Dire avengers you now get for your money, is this going to be GW next change. reducing the amount of models per box. I guess we wont know until they release a new Codex again possibly Codex: Space Marines. 

The Codex Eldar Supplement for Iyanden is also a worrying prospect for Space Marine Players. Are Blood Angels, Templar's, Salamanders and many more Popular Chapters Suddenly going to have to Purchase Supplements for there armies as well as a main Codex? I'm actually Betting on this. Why sell a player 1 Codex when you can sell them 2 after all. 

I am guessing that the need to increase money on the Paint range was due to the lack of sales. Airbrushes are getting increasingly cheaper, the paints are cheaper, and of a higher quality. and people are slowly realizing that just because you buy an airbrush you have to be able to paint like Hugo from Ichiban or Chung from Wargamers Consortium. Simply using the air brush for priming, base coating and washes is far faster and more economic than using spray cans an GW paints. The skills to get to a higher level come with time.

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