Friday, 21 June 2013

Forge World: Legion Glaive

Forge world have just announced that on the 28th of this month, the Legion Glaive will be available. They are currently taking pre-orders for the new super heavy tank that is based off of the Fellblade. Why should we order one?

Well lets start at the Base stats. Ballistic Skill 4, Front Armour 14, side Armour 13, and rear Armour 12. And then there are the 4 Structure points, For those not currently playing Apocalypse games or Horus heresy games. 4 structure points is the same as 12 Hull points. So just like its Brother the Fellblade this tank can take a few hits.

Then we have the difference over the Fellblade. The new and I have to say mighty destructive Volkite Caronade. The VC is a Heavy beam weapon. So you draw a line from the turret to the maximum range. In this case 48". Plus on the Heavy Beam rules this Beam is 1" wide rather than the normal 1mm wide beams we have.

With the exception of Swooping Monstrous creatures, and Zooming fliers, anything under the 1" wide beam friend or foe. Takes a STR 8 AP 2 hit. If the beam happens to hit a Super Heavy Vehicle, Gigantic Monstrous Creature. Or intact Building. The beam stops dead. And it gives D3 + 1 hits to the unit or building blocking the beam, instead of just 1 hit. And all these hits are resolved at the STR 8 AP 2 profile.

It is also important to note that the weapon also does not loose streangh for every model it hits. Causing the same damage to the last model under the beam as it does to the first model under the beam.

Also on the weapons side of things the Glaive has to sponsons on either side. Normal for a heavy tank but these are quad lascannons, Not twin linked. But actualy 4 lascannons per side givving the Glaive the abiliy to fire 8 lascannon shots per shooting phase.

It allso comes with the obligatory twin linked heavy Bolter on the fron of the Tank, As well as Smoke launchers and a search light.

The quad Lascannon sponsons can be traded for Laser destroyer sponsons for no extra points cost, and the twin linked heavy bolters can be exchanged for twin linked heavy flamers for no extra cost either.

You can also add a Hunter Killer Missile for 10 Points, and Armoured Ceramite for 25 points.  

The base cost of the Tank comes in at 625 points. But for the destructive power it brings these are wisely spent points. Of course these are just the experimental rules for the tank. But I doubt they will change much if at all.

Forge world are charging the same for the Legion Glaive as they do for the Fell blade £155. And I could not resist I had to grab one of these for my up and coming World Eaters project.

Now for the model itself. The Legion Glaive was designed by Stuart Williamson. I realy like the model, it looks some what menacing. The cannon itself does just look like an Over sized Plasma gun. But I will forgive it.

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